Guardian Childcare Education has several centres located across the country. Due to its high NQS rating, each centre serves as a place where children can learn and develop every day as a team. The young learners are inspired to learn and grow through free play with friends. Inquiring parents are able to visit Guardian childcare education with their child to see the various services throughout the centre and review the kind of childcare and its availability. Kids from a wide range of ages are made aware that they have resource-rich settings, such as an indoor/outdoor project studio, natural play structures, toys and indoor gardens among other resources.

Parents are also given notice about the availability of locations that are available for their son or daughter. Guardian childcare is proud of have a child care centre that has bright and airy city views and sandstone play spaces. It serves as a school for young children and is able to support the different developmental goals for young learners.

Children who are around kindergarten age go on field trips as one of the wonderful activities they can do while enrolled in the service. Parental feedback has been overwhelmingly positive at several locations as staff request it whenever they can. Reviews of Guardian Childcare & Education can be found below.

What can you expect with a Guardian Childcare Education?

The search for competent child care can be daunting but Guardian Childcare Education can be one of the best services for your child. It is more than just a school and child care centre. In this setting, students learn to let their guards down and be themselves without fear of consequences. A safe haven for youngsters to explore, dream, and learn how to be a team. Child care focusses on offering education that not only prioritises your child’s health but also other features of a proper child care. This is what Guardian childcare is about–they focus on education and resources that support young learners to get off to an amazing start in life.

The belief of Guardian is that if all energy is put into taking care of and educating early children, those little ones will grow up to love school and will be in a constant search for knowledge that will serve to further their own growth and development. This is how Guardian childcare education has achieved in getting ‘Meeting NQS’ rating consistently.

To provide the greatest early childhood education service in Australia, we reinvest all of our revenues back into the management of our services and our educators. The Guardian childcare philosophy is ensuring that we are meeting NQS while we maintain a supportive setting for the school and the learners attending. Regarding management, Guardian childcare education takes great pride in the fact that 94% of the centres under the Guardian childcare name are rated as meeting NQS (National Quality Standard). 

For the sake of giving young students the best possible head start in life, it’s important to make sure they’re encouraged to take risks, explore their interests, and use their imaginations while learning within the service.

Values of Guardian Childcare Education

The entire Guardian team strives for excellence every day. With each school week that passes, the entire Guardian childcare team strive every day to be:

Positive: Being passionate about our work and finding delight in it.

Brave: Taking risks, reinventing what is possible, and pushing ourselves.

Thoughtful: Which means being open, honest, and fair, as well as being empathic, inclusive, and courteous.

Professional: Going above and beyond, always doing our best, being a role model, and improving every day.

When the staff live out these mindsets, we achieve our full potential and can help create supportive settings to enable and nurture children during their formative years.

Why Work at Guardian Childcare Education?

The educators under the guardian centres are dedicated to building a team with strong relationships with the child’s family to create a safe and stimulating environment for students to learn and develop. Utmost care is ensured to make the family of the child involved. Whether it’s looking after the health of the child or making sure they are placed in the correct room every day, the educators in guardian centres will cater to your child’s needs.

People can develop professionally at Guardian Childcare because they are encouraged by their coworkers, have input into decisions that directly affect the lives of children, and are valued for the work they do. Not only can they boast of working in a centre that is rated ‘Meeting NQS’ but the place also has work life balance as it considers the hours each employee works.

It’s with great confidence that Guardian also advocates for security. Safeguarding one’s own well-being, as well as that of one’s coworkers and the general public, is the single most important duty someone can undertake. It’s on each of us to do our part to achieve a ‘Meeting NQS’ standard in safety. Children grow and our Teams succeed when we establish a climate of safety and security.

Aside from getting great hours from working here, one review by a staff member mentions that even though the focus of employees nowadays is on money, their career in Guardian childcare is fulfilling.

How Guardian Childcare Education teaches in their service

Guardian childcare prioritises the needs of kids as they develop. We tailor our teaching to the specific needs of each child, encouraging them to develop into independent thinkers who are eager to absorb new information and adapt to a world that is constantly evolving.

Through our dedication to consistently being rated as ‘Meeting NQS’ and our cutting-edge, research-based approach to early childhood education, we ensure quality care for your little ones. Guardian Childcare Education’s goal is to foster children’s innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Exploration, discovery, and play are the vehicles through which Guardian brings to life various core values of respect, responsibility, and community.

Centre fees

Guardian childcare centres in Australia determine their fees separately and each centre has created a different fee structure per location. A centre from New South Wales (NSW) might differ with their rates from a centre in a suburb in Victoria (VIC). These are details from one of the Guardian childcare centres in Rozelle, NSW. (Check with the centre for any eligible CCS payouts)

  • Nursery which consists of the age group of children aged 6 weeks to 12 months may expect a fee of $183.25 a day per child. 
  • Toddlers are a little more active than their nursery counterparts as they are aged between 13-24 months. The expected fee for this age group also hovers on the $171.75 per day per child, which is just little more than the rate for kindergarten.
  • Kindergarten children are aged 25-35 months and can be a little more independent than toddlers. Their day care fees are a little lower at $175.75 per child. 
  • Preschool children start at 36 months and geared towards children under 5 years old. Eligible children for preschool have their rates start at $170.75

Ideally you can find a marketplace app that can provide you information regarding availability but one of the leading childcare marketplace online is Space. Listing your centre here can be a good deal as it can potentially point you to different families.

Reviews and feedback

The staff at each Guardian childcare education centre are very welcoming and they encourage that you request any important information during their operating hours. They also have transparent reviews as feedback is important to them. Here are some of the reviews that you may see when you do an online search:

“We’ve been at this centre for over a year with my then 1-year-old and 3-year-old. Very happy with the care they get, the teachers are intuitive and really bond with the kids. They’ve got nice facilities, including a garden and worm farm, they do good activities during their hours and my son even goes swimming with them via jump, which is awesome. Lovely community of parents too.” ~Victoria Aspen

“Our son has been attending this centre for almost years and we couldn’t be happier with it. The level of care by the staff is exceptional and they are always thinking of great ideas to benefit the families. Highly recommended!” ~Joseph Bav

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